What people say about 4Elements

“Master Phan is an incredible instructor. When we signed my son up at Tricity Taekwondo 2 years ago, we had checked out other Taekwondo schools first. Even when my son had the option of training with friends from school, he chose Tricity because he had a connection with Master Phan. I was hesitant signing”

-NANCY B. Parent

“My boys (9 and 11 y.o.) started Taekwondo at Tri-city Taekwondo school about 2,5 years ago. I am really impressed with results! They have changed a lot since then not only physically but also mentally! Great crew, Master Phan is very professional, he knows how to work with kids, I haven’t seen before such a passionate teacher! He definitely loves his job and children. He has individual approach to every child and it works! I just love those last few minutes of each practice when Master Phan or his crew explain a “theme of the week”. It can be “respect” or “responsibility” etc., and it’s explained in such a good and easy manner so that kids would listen and understand! This school is like big loving family. I would totally recommend this school and this teacher!”

-OLESYA B. Parent

“I started my son out here after we moved and he quickly adapted to the supportive environment. The instructors are excellent with both technique, discipline and philosophy. My favorite aspect of the school is they learn different themes each month ie bullying, discipline, hardwork, creativity etc. He has now been there for 2 years and has been in the sport for 5 years. My 4 year old also started there last year and I recently started Jui Jitsu in January. Overall I love the school and the vision that Master Phan has. Whats even better is the way he is able to inspire and instil this vision to each of his students. You will not be disappointed if you or your kids register here.”

-ALLAN L. Parent & Student

“10 months ago My daughter’ve been training with Master Phan for 3 years. For those years, She’s been improved a lot of in terms of the skills and attitude. His training makes my daughter strong mentally and physically. Master Phan has a great passion and I can tell he truly loves all of his student as well as he encourage students to challenge more and more, that’s what a lot of students have a opportunity to participate in championship tournament like BC provincial taekwondo. Moreover many students won the medal from the gold to silver. They seem to realize how much the hard work is important for them throughout the competition. I believe those kids seem to be happy and learn a lot from the Master. Personally I really appreciate to Master Phan for what he lead my daughter positive way and show lots of good energy. If you register this school I’m pretty sure your children will be joyful to learn the kicks and will be different attitude at the end. Taekwondo is Olympic sport and Master Phan’s philosophy is goes with the Olympic spirit. I can simply say “He is the best!”


“Great School. Master Phan and his excellent team of instructors and staff provide the ultimate atmosphere for learning and achieving. My Son Andon has been enrolled for almost 1 year and it has most definitely changed his life for the better. He is more focused, disciplined and overall competent not just in Tae Kwon do but also in school. I myself have been training at Tri-city for almost 5 years. It’s a great stress reliever and I get in shape too! Trust me, I do get a good workout because everyone is so excited and motivated. If seeing is believing , then you should come out and try a class for your child or even yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”

-JOSH L. Parent & Student

“Master Phan and the entire Tri-city taekwondo crew is and has been a huge part of our life for the past 2.5 years. At the age of 4 my son joined this Dojang when he was painfully shy and insecure. With the endless amount of encouragement and support from Master Phan he has pushed passed many of those obstacles. He went from crying at the beginning of class to joining BC Masters Cup tournaments where he has placed first twice, second and bronze in his category. He has learned copious amount of skills not just for use the dojang but ones he can use in everyday life. The community from this gym always makes you feel at home and appreciated. Recently my son broke his arm and was unable to attend but Master Phan called on him on a regular basis to make sure my son knew he wasn’t forgotten about. This is a great pace. The staff, the parents, the kids, all around a very happy and supportive place.”


“Took the time to research TKD schools in our area for our daughter. Had a consultation with Master Phan at his studio and I was rather impressed so signed up. Have been with Tri-City since 2013 and no regrets. Extremely professional, excellent staff and they know how to work with KIDS (very important) as well as adults. They are truly a nice bunch!!!”

-SHIRLEY C. Parent

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