Owner/Chief Instructor

Master Inhyuk Hur is a 5thDan Black Belt and has been practicing taekwondo for more than 20 years. He graduated university in South Korea with a Bachelor of Physical Education, majoring in Taekwondo and has over 15 years of teaching experience and 10 years of coaching experience. Master Hur was competitive in sparring and poomsae, winning several provincial and national tournaments in South Korea before transitioning his focus to coaching. In his personal time, he actively practices Brazilian Jujitsu on a competitive level.

Master Hur moved to Canada in 2016 and worked alongside Master Huy Phan as his head instructor for 7 years at Tri-City Taekwondo and later, 4 Elements Martial Arts as well. During his time as head instructor, Master Hur provided quality Taekwondo training and produced numerous black belts who have gone to become high level competitors, consistently achieving success in tournaments.  Upon the passing of Master Phan, Master Hur had the honor of taking ownership of 4 Elements Martial Arts from May of 2023.

Master Hur aims to extend Taekwondo and martial arts beyond just being a sport. He instills in students the values of passion, commitment, and dedication to guide students both mentally and physically to become the best versions of themselves. Through Taekwondo, Master Hur hopes to inspire young students to become not only strong martial artists, but also individuals with good moral character.