YOUTH (7-13 YRS)

Our Youth Programs are designed for students between the ages of 7 and 13. Whether they are just beginning Taekwondo or continuing as a student from the Tigers Program, we have Youth Programs that cater to both beginners or intermediate/advanced students. Through Taekwondo, we aspire to teach young students the importance of focus, self-discipline, and teamwork while also improving their confidence and physical and mental strength.

Particularly at a time when their minds are at a fast stage of development, it is crucial to provide youth with moral guidance and reliable role models. Our Instructors at 4 Elements are personally selected by Master Hur to do just that. In combination with the benefits of Taekwondo training, we are confident in our ability to guide your child to success, both in and out of the dojang.


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Physical Fitness

“My kids and I have trained under Master Hur and the late Master Phan for over 5 years, and the kids still get excited to go to class every week. Master Hur has deep knowledge of taekwondo, and teaches with passion and patience. All the instructors truly care about the students and what to help them grow.”

– Curtis L.

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