4 Elements offers beginner classes for children aged 4.5 years old to 6 years old.

Our Award Winning Children’s Programs are focused on creating an exceptional learning environment for our students. We understand that younger students have shorter attention spans and our unique children’s programs use engaging and enjoyable methods to maintain the students attention. Children will improve their confidence, self-discipline, teamwork and coordination as they learn these fun and dynamic Taekwondo skills. Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement, we have helped many children learn how to set and achieve goals. Joining the Tri-City Taekwondo Team will equip your child with the necessary skills to become a valued member of the community wether it be in their home, school or other extra circular activities.


Empower little warriors!

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At the age of 4 my son joined this Dojang when he was painfully shy and insecure. With the endless amount of encouragement and support from Master Phan he has pushed passed many of those obstacles. He went from crying at the beginning of class to joining BC Masters Cup tournaments where he has placed first twice, second and bronze in his category. The community from this gym always makes you feel at home and appreciated.

– Christine Jordan, Parent.

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